Pillars of Success: The 5 E's

Holetown Chamber of Trade Inc., in collaboration with local and national stakeholders, is building the foundation upon which the success of future generations will depend. This foundation will serve an individual, a company, a community, or a nation equally well. It is comprised of five pillars, and is presented as the 5 E's of Empowerment: Education, Energy, Environment, Entrepreneurship, and the E-Co-System (Electronic Commercial Communication System)



Holetown is the best destination in the Caribbean to live, work and play. That's the vision that inspires the Holetown Chamber to engage the business community in being proactive, creative and interactive in setting short, medium and long term goals for our community.


Education is the fulcrum upon which all of our endeavors depend and as such it holds a preeminent position in all of our plans. We believe that any system of imparting knowledge and skills must equip the student with the ability to confidently answer three timeless questions: who am I - as a conscious being;  what am I - in energy and form; and how do I relate - to everyone and everything around me?


“Fill your brain with giant dreams
so that there’s no space for petty pursuits.”

Robin Sharma